Anonymous: What are you studying?

I’m doing arts degree, studying psychology and sociology :) 

Anonymous: How did your exams go?

quite well I think, I had one sociology exam which went beautifully, and I had three separate psychology exams, I only sit two as I was super sick on the day of one them so I have to repeat that in August, but hopefully that will be the only one I need to repeat! Thanks for asking (: 

Anonymous: I'm pretty good!

fantastic stuff :) 

Anonymous: How are you?

I’m quite good thank you, college, exams, etc etc is all over so I’m just chilling. How are you?

Anonymous: Welcome back! :)

Thank you :) it has been a while!

I’ve a terrible flu at the minute and my boyfriend stayed the weekend to look after me and he was putting vicks on my chest and thought it would be funny to stick the vicksy finger up my ass and after a few minutes it started burning intensely so i did it back to him and we just rolled around holding our asses screaming with pain and laughter and i genuinely think doing that much laughing cured my flu.. literally at like 5am we were just rolling around the bed like ‘oh my god it burns so bad what the fuck’ sticking wet tissues up our asses it was the funniest thing ever I’m still laughing

dunno how much longer i can go on being so sad

my god it’s so hot in ireland these days, lounging around nude with all the windows open and still too dang hot, finished college exams for a week so today I am going to lounge some more then head to the pub
life is good