currently in my new apartment :3

Hi ya’ll

In case any of you are interested in my life im gonna do a quick sum up of the past while

  • currently couch surfing as i don’t have a place
  • i started back college and im studying (for this semester) cognitive psychology, biological basis of behavior, the foundations of sociological theory, the sociology of culture and art, the sociology of class and criminology
  • soon to be working on reviews for various crime related tv documentaries (mainly serial killers) for a big company (eep)
  • uhhh, also soon to be working on my own writings about various topics (mainly crime related, specifically murders, rapes, however possibly doing some pieces on state crime and legality) that will be published and i will link you ofc
  • umm that’s pretty much it for now, i am a busy bee buzz


Instead of leaking celebrity photos we could leak pdf versions of college textbooks? Idk just an idea

Anonymous: I am good! I rarely see you on this as much anymore

I know! I barely have any time to blog I’m trying to find a house to move into by Sunday as I’m back to college, then before that I was studying my ass off and had no tome to blog :( busy days!

Anonymous: I find keeping a diary or blog to express my thoughts and feelings helps :)

Yes!! I’ve been advised to do that x

Anonymous: How are you?

I’m pretty good thanks, you?

im in massive bind because college starts back monday week and my bf wants us to live together again (i do too obs) but he has no money or job atm and cant afford much which means were super limited and there’s no houses in our price range.. and i need to have a house by thursday, so i just want to go into a student house and share with other people but have no idea how to tell him